The second training school took place from 20-24 July 2015 at the Medical University Clinic in Erlangen, Germany on "Patch testing". The event was hosted by Prof. Dr. Vera Mahler, Allergy Unit, Departement of Dermatology.

Novel insights on epidemiological trends in contact dermatitis and intersting cases from several patch test clinics from different European countries were discussed. A total of 17 participants from all over Europe and Turkey, which has just recently joined StanDerm, have signed up for the Action's second training school in Erlangen.

Besides live reading and interpreting of patch test reactions in patients from the patch test clinics of the Department of Dermatology, an interacitve electronic tele-vote system assisted reading of selected reactions from the patch test training module of the German contact dermatitis research group and enabled participatns to interpret rare and difficult reactions.