The links, forms and recommendations mentioned below are intended to provide useful tools and guidance to dermatologists, occupational physicians, epidemiologists, researchers and other experts involved in the diagnosis and research of occupational skin diseases. Some of them have been developed by the working groups of the COST Action "StanDerm". The list is by all means not exhaustive. 

Patch testing documentation form
In accordance with ESSCA guidelines, the form can be used to collect patch test results and can be evaluated by yourself.

Case report files (CRF)
This is a useful tool for histology purposes and can be expanded in accordance with your own needs.

Documentation of patch testing with patients' own products
The form is in WORD to allow you to extend it if needed. 

Recommendations for patch testing gloves
These recommendations are based on vast experience made with patch testing gloves of health care workers but are obviously useful for any kind of patch testing.

Occupational Skin Disease (OSD) notification forms
These forms have been designed by StanDerm experts to inform the respecitve health authorities on OSD cases, even in countries where acknowledgement is still hampered or denied. The notification forms are intended to comprise the full spectrum - from contact dermatitis and other inflammatory work-related skin disorders to occupational non-melanoma skin cancer.

Language  download  aviable as
ENword filertf file
HRword filertf file

 The French, Spanish and Romanian version will be made aviable soon.



List of tools for internvention studies
This list of tools can be used in intervention studies for occupational skin diseases (e.g. hand eczema scores, scores to assess QoL). The list is intended to help choosing the right instrument when designing a new study. Please keep in mind that the list is certainly not complete. The order of instruments is random and does not illustrate a ranking.